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Moroccan Bath

Moroccan Bath

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Our best Moroccan bath in Dubai is a traditional cleansing and relaxation ritual which involves several steps aimed at purifying the body, mind, and soul.

It begins with steaming in a room to open up pores and relax muscles. Next, black soap, made from olive oil is applied to cleanse and remove dead cells through gentle massage. Exfoliation follows using a rough-textured washcloth or kessa glove to stimulate blood circulation and improve skin tone. Finally, the body is then rinsed with warm water to refresh and hydrate the skin. Once rinsed off, the skin appears glowing and revitalized.

The benefits of this best Moroccan bath in Dubai are numerous, including smoother, softer, and brighter skin, improved immunity and metabolism, prevention of dryness and irritation, detoxification, and relief from pain and stress. It also uplifts mood and enhances overall well-being.


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